Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 – in English

Do you have the solution to one of the many societal challenges we face?  Have you had the courage and the tenacity to implement your solution, and seen the positive impact of your efforts. Do you dare to think that you could generate a similar impact outside Norway? If so, send us your entry form by September 1st . This year we are especially interested in social entrepreneurs who have scalable solutions that can be transferred to other European countries.

The Social Entrepreneur of the Year is an honorary award granted by Ferd Social Entrepreneurs (FSE) to a social entrepreneur with solutions to some of the major social challenges in the community, both here in Norway and in other European countries. Other important criteria include a high level of innovation, a sustainable business model, and well-documented social results. The competition is open to commercial companies registered in Norway, both non-profit and for-profit companies, but not to foundations, charitable organisations or individuals.

The winner will be awarded half a million Norwegian kroner. 3-5 nominees will receive 50,000 NOK each.

The award will be presented at the EVPA Conference held 9 – 10 November at Sentralen in Oslo, where some 500 Norwegian and European venture philanthropists and social investors will meet. Read more about the conference here.


The Social Entrepreneur of the Year award creates enduring values and makes a clear impact.

The Social Entrepreneur of the Year is an honorary award granted to a social entrepreneur that has developed an exceptional solution to social challenges. Emphasis is placed on innovation, a double bottom line, and potential for growth. Potential scalability for other countries will be given special consideration by this year’s jury, which includes expert members from several European countries.

The winner will receive half a million Norwegian kroner. Nominees will receive 50,000 NOK each, a nomination film, and excellent visibility both prior to and following the award presentation.


Innovation is a central criterion of the competition. In granting this award, FSE wishes to highlight new solutions to recognised social problems and challenges, aimed at target groups in both Norway and potentially in other European countries.

Double bottom line

The winner of Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 will have demonstrated strong and measurable social results, as well as a solution based on a financially sustainable business model. This double bottom line approach line is key achieving the highest possible societal impact  in the shortest amount of time.

Potential for growth

The potential for growth and the establishment of similar solutions in other European countries will be a deciding factor in this year’s award. The award winner must have a concept that is scalable and that can be adapted to conditions and issues in other countries.